EB Exclusive Automobiles K.S.

Vehicle Sourcing


We are specialized in sourcing rare classics and modern vehicles from all around the globe.

Dealer Program


We have a network of partner-dealerships which we supply with our cars. Specially sourced to the specific needs of the particular area and showroom.



Our partner-dealerships can use the finance and commission option from EB Exclusive. We supply vehicles at no cost upfront and offer special financing options for our partner-dealerships.

End Customer Financing


EB Exclusive can offer financing for the end customers of our partner-dealerships. We are working with a variety of banks and assist our partner-dealerships in every aspect.

Stock Placing


Registered partner-dealerships have the option to place vehicles at other partner-dealerships worldwide which might be in a better location or position to sell a specific car.

Vehicle Transport


EB Exclusive offers a door to door service at the highest quality level. 

We transport cars on short notice around the globe. Handle customs und insurance questions.